Preparing for the Market

Everything you need to know to prepare for your trip to the Market.


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) tokens are available at the Omaha Farmers Market Information Booth.

All eligible vendors are required to participate, and most participating vendors will have the following sign posted at their booth. If you do not see the sign posted, make sure to ask about their participation before selecting your items. Please note that as per USDA rules, vendors are not able to give change on token purchases so plan accordingly and consider using a mix of tokens and cash.

{MATCH PROGRAM} For the ENTIRE season of the Saturday and Sunday Markets (May-October) and the entire run of the Charles Drew Market on Wednesday’s (Dates TBD), the Sherwood Foundation and BlueCross BlueShield Nebraska provide funding for a match program. We will match $5 when you spend $5 or more in SNAP tokens. For example: if you purchase $10 in SNAP tokens, you will receive $15 in SNAP tokens.



Farmers Market WIC & SFMNP Coupons

Many Omaha Farmers Market vendors are accepting Woman, Infants and Children (WIC) coupons and Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) coupons as a form of payment.

Not all vendors are participating in the SFMNP and WIC programs, so please be sure to ask the vendor before picking out your items.

Click HERE to learn more about WIC coupons.

Click HERE to learn more about SFMNP coupons.


Using your credit card or Credit/Gift Tokens

In addition to SNAP tokens, the Market also offers credit or “gift” tokens. These tokens are blue and have a $5 value. The tokens may be purchased at the Information Booth and are meant to be used as gifts or as a way for customers that do not have cash to use credit cards for their purchases. Credit/gift tokens may be used to purchase ANY items, including crafts.

Credit Token Details:

  • Credit tokens are available in $5 increments at the Information Booth.
  • Spend credit tokens like cash at all vendor booths (yes, you get cash back if you need change from the vendor).
  • There is a $1 transaction fee (if you buy one $5 token, your credit card will be charged $6; if you buy ten $5 tokens, your card will be charged $51).
  • Credit tokens can also be used just like gift cards – they make a lovely and unique gift!
  • Credit tokens allow you to keep shopping even if you run out of cash or are purchasing from a vendor that does not accept credit cards.
  • Credit tokens can be used at any of the four markets: Old Market, Aksarben Village, Charles Drew Health Center and Physicians Mutual & WOWT Holiday Market.
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Paying with cash

Please be kind to your vendors by bringing smaller bills and change when you visit the market.




Old Market: A Security National Bank ATM is located on the east side of 11th Street between Jackson and Howard Street just outside of the Security National Bank branch.

Aksarben Village: A Security National Bank ATM is located just south of the Aksarben Village parking garage at the corner of 64th Avenue and Center Street in the bank’s drive-thru.